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Q)What the?
A)Its a webcomic. But rather than having an original story it parodies computer games.

Q)Why did you start a games comic site?
A)Well we finally finished TS2 on hard and didn't have anything else to do, so we decided to write a walkthrough. Then it was going to be a walkthrough with comics to make it slightly more interesting. Then we decided to forget the walkthrough and just used the comics instead.
The comics tend to show all major happenings in the games, but you can't rely on them as a walkthrough. The occasional impossible thing has to be included in the name of humour.

Q)Why IOT/TS2?
A)Well TS2 is just a great game (mostly because of the co-op bit) and IOT just has so many little things that can be turned into comics.

Q)What is TS2
A)Timesplitters 2 is a first person shooter for the Gamecube, playstation 2 and xbox. It has pretty good gameplay and lots of great features. Most important being 2 player co-operative play for the story mode. It took 2 of us working together literaly months to finish on all difficulty levels. It also has some great comic moments of its own, especcially some of the cutscenes and chalenge descriptions.

Q)How about IOT?
A)This one is just a little bit more obscure. Its a top down action/RPGish thing for the nintendo SNES way back when. The main character was a lad called Will, who had some kind of psyco powers(thats a translation problem rather than a typo, by the way). He has to save the world by finding mystic statues. Or something. To tell the truth, I'm not really sure what the statues do.

Q)Who are You?
A)I'm Rob. I'm currently a student. My partner in crime doesn't want people to know who he is, and hasn't yet picked a pseudonym. Kind of sad really.

Q)Why Paint, Can't you draw or something?
A)Basically, no. We sort of toyed with the idea of screenshots for a while, but paint won. Screenshots don't allow much creative truth adjustment. Googlefight.com agrees with me.

Q)I'd like to help, how can I?
A)Send us money. Lots of money. Alternatively, just Vote for us.

Q)I have a great idea for a comic. Are you interested?
We are always interested in good ideas. Ideas for our assorted games on wednesdays are probably most useful. However we might not want to use your idea for various reasons such as already having drawn the strip your idea would go in or not having a sense of humour similar enough to yours. Email. If you have lots of ideas just send us a list in a single email, please? If you don't have any good ideas, thats ok, just enjoy the site. And don't forget to vote for us.
If we do use ideas from others we will give credit. If you don't sign your email with a name then we can't though.

Q)I own a really popular site with millions of hits every day and would like to exchange links with you, interested?
A)This question is asked so many times, we just can't beleive it... Seriously if you have a site that is either humourous or computer game related, feel free to send us an email. If we like it then we'll link to you.

Q)Just how frequently are these FAQs asked?
A)At the time of writing, 0 per millenia. The FAQ was actually written by trained monkeys just after the site went up.

Q)I heard a rumor that you're really secret government hackers sent to steal my email address. Is this true?
A)Yes. The entire site is just a disguise. Details here.

Q)Can I be in the comic?
A)Not unless you have a lot of money that you are willing to give to us :)

Q)Pesky mailto things. Show me the email in a sensible text format!
A)That's not a question, but ->stickman@centralp.org<-

Q)My question wasn't anwered here. How can I ask you a question?
A)First, read the FAQ again.
Second, if you still havn't worked out what to do, read it again.
Third, read it again (HINT: See the question before this one).
Forth, If you havn't worked it out yet, email us.