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Other Webcomics:
Triangle And Robert
A self-referential comic drawn with the cartoonist's cheap paint program about a triangle (Triangle) and a rhombus (Robert). Despite the looks, it actually has a very solid plot, over 1600 strips, and even qualifies for 'funny' in some places.
Ducks? Thanks.
General Protection Fault
A well-drawn, generally good comic about "GPF software" and its employees.
Tragically 1337. A gameaholic and his flatmates play games and stuff.
Sluggy Freelance
Aliens, vampires, deamons, girls, games, multi-dimensional things, time travel and 2 cute, pet animals.
Dork Tower
Mostly Role-playing based comic, but also includes some other parody comics.
Irregular Webcomic
This is an unusual one- not drawn, the author takes pictures of himself, lego models/people or gaming miniatures, arranges them into a strip and adds captions or speech. There are currently about 15 themes (storylines) which don't interfere with each other (like the three gaming type storylines here), which makes it even more unusual.
A comic about a man (well alien), his dog (well actually she's not realy his, and is a fully qualified engineer) and his robot. They have all six flavours of quark icecream in all three colours.
Kid Radd
You might dismiss it a a sprite comic, and technically it is. But it has the advantage of using entirely original sprites from a game that never existed.
Nuklear power - Home of 8-bit Theater
The adventures of black mage, fighter, red mage and thief. Much final fantasy and general rpg humour.
A unique idea- "cartoons inspired by actual spam subject headings". Some are good, some are bad, some (Your Life Ins. Company PRAYS you will NEVER SEE this) are brilliant. Read at least 10 before leaving. That way you're bound to come across at least one good one.

Rob's Links:
Five Minute Voyager
Because life is long and trek is short. Zeke and co. have a true gift for writing short parodies of sci-fi shows.
No one knows the actuall meaning of sev, or if they do, they aren't telling. The site itself is mostly a big caption contest for cartoons of various sci-fi or lord of the rings scenes.
A site for ideas. Read the help file before you even think of posting.
Baen Free Library
A must for those who enjoy reading but cannot afford to buy new books as much as they would like, or those seeking to try some books before filling up their precious shelf space. Check out David Weber and John Ringo.
Anyone against anyone else. Best of the archives include John McLane vs. the Death Star and English soccer hooligans (bah - its football you craazy yanks) vs. the French Army.
Green Books
Have a question about the Lord of the Rings? Or just want to gain some obscure Tolkien related knowledge? This is the place.

Crash's Links:
The Midas Array
After you get through the awfully slow flash website, you'll find the main part of the site- the forums. While it's technically a sci-fi board, General Chat has all kinds of talk.
This is pretty much a collection of Kevan's (whoever he is) programs, simulations, surreal things and human experiments. Some of them are worth a look- particually the Prior-art-o-matic.

Crash's other sites:
Crasthatch.com - A hub linking to all my other sites, it also encorporates my blog, some news, interesting links, and anything I've done that doesn't fit anywhere else.
Random Signature - A random signature generator. Sign up, upload some images, paste the code into your signature on forums. It randomly cycles the images.
PHPicture - A PHP script to display images with a gallery, and support for slide-show, full-screen mode and captions.
Legendquest - An web-based RPG with really bad graphics. Updated and Massively Multiplayer as of Jan 2005!
Poll-land - An idea that sounded good at the time. It's really a place for you to put a poll up without having to bother to put it on your site. Or you could just create a poll and ask all your friends to vote for fun. As I said, it sounded good at the time.
EDIT March 04: After an attack made on poll-land (10,000 polls created in a very short time), my host emailed to inform me if it happened again, my account would be deleted. This would mean no more Stickman Arcade (or webspace), so I have taken poll-land offline until I have time to fix the bugs that allowed the attack to take place.
EDIT May 05: I've finally got around to fixing it. It's back online!
Universal - A user-driven encyclopedia, not unlike Everything 2. Taken down due to it being on a free lycos accound where it was not used. I may re-write the code and put it back up one day.

I have made other small things, but they're mostly not online any more, and weren't amazing to begin with.

Link Exchange Links:
OnlineComics.net - Lots of links to other webcomics.