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Mixed Games - 2006-05-17
Burnout Revenge

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24/10/05 - Wikipedia
We've got a link from a wikipedia article. I guess this isn't that fantastic- I could've put it there myself at any point, but having someone else do it seems much more important and cool. Thanks to whoever it was.

The article
05/09/05 - Please Vote
People have started voting a lot. We're currently rank #118, with a few more votes we should make the top 100.

Vote every day!

26/08/05 - Business Inc. Launched
A new game written by me, Business Inc., has been launched.
Business Inc. is a Massively Multiplayer Game in which you own a business. You must buy machines and goods from other players, then sell on what you produce, either to other players or to the public for a profit.
The game needs players and testers. Please register and have a play. I would advise reading the quick-start guide before doing too much though- you don't want to waste all your money.
Please report any bugs to crash@stickmanarcade.com. Thank you.
25/08/05 - 100,000 Impressions!
That's a lot of pages...
16/08/05 - Server Move
We've moved servers as the old one kept going down. This server has very little downtime, has more bandwidth and space, but isn't as fast- in fact I think it's about 5 times slower. Hopefully it won't matter much.
Let me know if you find anything not working. stickman@stickmanarcade.com

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