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Mixed Games - 2006-05-17
Burnout Revenge

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07/08/05 - 90,000 Hits
90,000 page impressions. Yay! Nothing special until we get to 100,000.
07/07/05 - New Fanart!
New fanart drawn by Zornor is up in the fan-stuff section.
30/06/05 - 80,000 Impressions!
We reached 80,000 Impressions today. May I direct all new readers to the forums to talk about SMA, TS2, games, and stuff...
From next week I'm really going to try and start updating twice per week again. I can't speak for Rob, but he said he had something in the works so hopefully a TS2 comic soonish.
20/06/05 - Internet Down
NTL seems to have predicted Rob's return to Stafford and has gone down. I have a comic, but can't upload it. I'm typing this from School. Hopefully will be fixed in a few days. Stay Tuned.
13/06/05 - Server Problems?
I'm having trouble getting on the site from home. It started a few days ago, when both me and Rob couldn't get on it. Now Rob's is working, but I'm still stuck offline. I can get to edit the database, read emails and access FTP, I just can't look at the website from home. I was going to wait for it to start working again to upload a comic, but I think I'll do one tommorow as it may be down for some time.
Apologies to anyone waiting for an answer to anything on the forums. If it's really important, email me.
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