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Mixed Games - 2006-05-17
Burnout Revenge

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17/05/06 - SMA closing its doors
You've probably noticed the lack of updates over the last few months (tonight was the first new comic since February). Rob officially stopped drawing comics in January, and I don't seem to be able to draw them on my own. I am not shutting Stickman Arcade- the archives will remain up for viewing, and I may draw the occasional comic from time to time- but there will be no more regular updates.
If you've been reading for a long time, you probably already assumed it was at the end of it's life, but I thought I ourght to make an official statement.

The main reasons are that Rob and I have little free time, and the comic was a chore to draw.
Rob said that he didn't think the quality of SMA was up to that of other good webcomics- and I think he's right. I'd rather read the archives of Freefall, Irregular Webcomic or others than read SMA's archives.
I'm also running out of ideas. Sure, I could go back and find things to make comics of, and new games will have things to make comics about, but none really spring to mind any more like they did. If I do find any, they may be comic-ised in the future. But not at the rate of one a week.

Stickman Arcade ran for over 2 years, has over 300 strips, and has had over 200,000 page impressions. I've enjoyed making the comics, recieved around a dozen emais, and had a site which actually had a few return visitors.

I have no intentions of dropping off the internet- indeed I have too many ideas for new websites- several of which are in the pipeline due for release hopefully over this summer. I will continue to make posts on Crashthatch.com and on the forums, so check those sites from time to time to see what I'm up to.
Thanks for reading!
02/04/06 - Xbox 360
I have an Xbox 360. I have Perfect Dark Zero (an amazing game so far), Halo 2 (which I've been dying to play for well over a year now) and Elder Scrolls: Oblivion (which I've hardly played. It doesn't seem amazing based on the hour or so I've played. Graphics are nice though).
Anyone wants to play a game or something, my Xbox live name ID thing is Crashthatch.
I need more time to fit in playing.
10/02/06 - Square Game
Square Game - Attack other people's squares and own more squares.
06/02/06 - ScriptComic
I've built a new toy: ScriptComic.
You can create your own comics by entering only dialogue. Share your created comics on the forums.
22/12/05 - 150,000 Impressions
Comic should get back on track with (close to) 2 per week from now on.
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