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Q)What the?
A)Its a webcomic. But rather than having an original story it parodies computer games.

Q)Why did you start a games comic site?
A)Well we finished Timesplitters 2 on hard after several months of trying, and decided to make a site about it. We both like webcomics, so we decided to draw our own.

Q)Why IOT/TS2?
A)Well TS2 is just a great game (mostly because of the co-op bit) and IOT just has so many funny/stupid little things that are funny.

Q)What is TS2
A)Timesplitters 2 is a first person shooter for the Gamecube, playstation 2 and xbox. Its especially good because of the 2 player co-operative mode. It took 2 of us working together literaly months to finish on all difficulty levels. It also has some great comic moments of its own, especially some of the cutscenes and chalenge descriptions.

Q)How about IOT?
A)This one is just a little bit more obscure. Illusion Of Time (Illusion Of Gaia in the US) is a top down action/RPGish thing for the nintendo SNES way back when. You play Will who travels around collecting Mystic Statues for some reason.

Q)Who are You?
A)I'm Rob. I'm currently a student. I draw the majority of the IOT comics.
I'm Crashthatch (Crash for short). I write webpages, draw TS2 comics and surf the net mostly.

Q)Why Paint, Can't you draw or something?
A)Basically, no. We sort of toyed with the idea of screenshots for a while, but paint won. Googlefight.com agrees with me.
EDIT, Jan 2004: The majority of the new comics are now being drawn using a better graphics program, so they look smoother and better.

Q)I'd like to help, how can I?
A)Tell your friends, link to us, spread the word, and Vote for us. Emails are also appriciated. Link below.

Q)I have a great idea for a comic. Are you interested?
We are always interested in good ideas. Ideas for our assorted games on wednesdays are probably most useful. However we might not want to use your idea for various reasons such as already having drawn the strip your idea would go in or not having a sense of humour similar enough to yours. Email.
If we do use ideas from others we will give credit, so make sure to include your name in the email.

Q)I own a really popular site with millions of hits every day and would like to exchange links with you, interested?
A)This question is asked so many times, we just can't believe it... Seriously if you have a site that is either humourous or computer game related, feel free to link to us or send us an email asking to swap links. If we like it then we'll link to you.

Q)Just how frequently are these FAQs asked?
A)At the time of writing, 0 per millenia. The FAQ was actually written before the first comic went online.

Q)Can I be in the comic?
A)Not unless you're a computer game character, or want to send us lots of money.

Q)Pesky mailto things. Show me the email in a sensible text format!
A)That's not a question, but -> stickman@stickmanarcade.com <-

Q)Where'd the old FAQ go? It had fuller, funnier answers!
A)The old FAQ can be found here. We changed it so as not to frighten away anyone new, and we also removed some of the rambling answers that didn't say very much.

Q)My question wasn't anwered here. How can I ask you a question?
A)Email us here.