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Evil Plans
This was a series of 12 comics I created in one night shortly after the site went up. I stole the script from one I wrote to be a film, changed it slightly, and put it online. It's pretty much the standered "The earth's in trouble" plot, but in comic form. Go read. -Crash

I created this for some reason after a conversation I had with Rob who had been experimenting with cooking. The dialogue is almost word for word. -Crash

My revenge. Check out crash's poll land from links and you will see what I mean. -Rob

My revenge for Rob's revenge. Another comment on Rob's cooking skills, and his (lack of) recipes.-Crashthatch

TS3 was announced and we read this article. This comic came from our MSN discussion shortly after. -Crash

AOL version 96.62.1c (home edition) update/bug-fix list:

  • Improved irregular-connection problem generator.
  • 94% of system resources now consumed by AOL's browser.
  • Fixed a bug where the user could access webpages through google's cache. (www.google.com now blocked)
  • More sparkly icons to distract user from the length of time it is taking for the page to load.
  • Added "AOL adviser" for any problems the user may have while browsing. Thanks to Micro$oft for allowing us to use a modified version of their "office assistant".
  • Handy Hints and Reading tips displayed whenever user attempts to read a paragraph with more than 3 long words. Rhinocerous, Uncharacteristically, preposition.
  • Fixed a bug where the child-safety lock could be circumvented by using another browser such as IE or Netscape (installation now corrupts IE.exe and netscp.exe)
  • Added "Big Font" as the default setting in complience with our "OAPs on the net" campaign.
  • Spell checker now checks all outgoing mail and deletes any unrecognised words.
  • ________ ______ now _______ for viruses. Any ______ with ___________ will be deleted.
  • Spell-checker library increased to include the words "incoming", "email", "scanned", "emails" and "attachments".
  • Customer information clients "gator" and "savenow" now installed along with the AOL software. The data will be analysed to find the best time to do server-maintenace. The time when most people are using the internet is the best, as then more people will see how much we value up-to-date servers.
  • "All your base are belong to us" now displayed during connection. - A special request from our manager who thinks AOL should be more up-to-date with "internet language".
  • Bandwidth throttle added. Download speed may not exceed 1kbps. This should reduce load on servers.
  • Fixed a bug where the user could access webpages.

I should probobly point out that this is a joke, in case any one reads it and takes offense. It's for humour purposes only.
Rob tells me I have to say why it's here, so here goes: I wrote it for something else, and posted it here as it's (supposed to be) funny. -Crash