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Draw Game FAQ

Q. What is it?
A. It's a game. You look at the picture and guess what it represents.

Q. You mean like pictionary?
A. Kinda like that, but online and with more people guessing.

Q. What sort of things will be drawn?
A. Generally stuff like films, books, TV series, games, music (track titles or artists).

Q. But what if I dont listen to/watch/read the same music/films/books as you?
A. Basically, tough. I won't necessarily have listened to/seen/read the thing I'm drawing though- and you might have heard the title somewhere.

Q. Who draws the pictures?
A. Me, Crashthatch.

Q. How are the drawings drawn?
A. I use a Biro or some kind of cheap pencil that's lying around to draw on A4 lined or printer paper. An average drawing takes me between 20 and 60 seconds. I then scan the images into my computer using a 10-year-old scanner. I might touch up the image in Paint Shop Pro, but this is rare. The whole process takes 5-10 mins depending on whether the computer is already on or not.

Q. What're the rules?
A. You can have as many guesses as you want, but don't bother guessing the same guess more than once- you'll only be counted once when in the draw for the winner.

Q. What does [symbol] mean?
A. I try to not to use commonly recognised symbols, numbers or letters in the drawings. One symbol I do use looks like 3 concentric "C"s. This means "sounds like".

Q. Why do you need my email?
A. To email you if you win. This is a one-time emailing.

Q. What can I win?
A. You win 2 seconds of internet fame- your name will be shown as the "winner" underneath the drawing you correctly guessed in the archives.

Q. How do I start?
A. Go here, have a look at some of the previous drawings to get the idea, then go to the latest drawing and have a guess.

Q. My question wasn't answered here. A. Email stickman@stickmanarcade.com .