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Mixed Games - 2004-04-28
Little Big Adventure: The Ferryman

Little Big Adventure (what a name...) was an old puzzle/adventure game. I never got very
far with it, mainly because of this "feature". I didn't know what to do next, the internet
wasn't around back then (no walkthroughs) and the ferryman kept asking me where I wanted
to go. For some reason the game didn't agree with my computer. It took me most of
Christmas and Boxing day to stop it locking up after the intro video (I remember that bit
vividly), and it still crashed at odd intervals. I can vaguely remember the events
described in the comic, but needed a walkthrough to remember anything but prison and the
bin-lorry. Thanks to Phil Darke.
Walkthrough / Info.

If you think this comic sounds familiar, there was a similar Kid Radd comic several weeks
ago. I had finished the comic concept drawing before Rob mentioned it and I remembered.
Not wanting to waste a good joke, I used it anyway. Great minds think alike eh?
Kidd Radd.
There are a million things you could be doing right now.Voting is one of them.

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